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3 Styles of a Traditional Chinese Dress

The Chinese traditional dress makes a perfect gift for friends or loved ones on a trip to China. This outfit is perfect to bring a little piece of the traditional east back home. Here are some of the traditional clothes styles in China:


The qipao is a familiar style of traditional dress and includes a form-fitting bodice and high collar. It is a long-established symbol of Chinese fashion with its elegant and long cherished design. The most common fabric for this dress is silk, although other fabrics are possible to match a specific occasion or event. By wearing this type of native dress it is possible to make a real statement.

The style of traditional dress is made in a variety of styles. The most common methods used to create the unique look include changing the material, design of the collar, and the length of the skirt.

If touring china on a getaway, there are plenty of local tailor shops in the major cities that are willing to custom make the outfit to match the preferred look and style. The preferred choices include the English-speaking tailors with the clothing market in places like Shanghai or Beijing.


The Hanfu is a historical style of dress that has been very prominent throughout the years in china. This outfit is mostly seen on women, but there is also a version for men. This type of dress is quite distinct with its sleeves that billow out and silk cuffs. The length of the dress can reach just above the knees with matching skirt or trousers worn underneath. Other features include the cross collar and matching headgear, which consists of a simple headpiece for women and a hat for men.

The Hanfu has seen plenty of changes over the years in relation to its look. Other styles of this traditional dress include the Shenyi which is quite similar in design, but the skirt and tunic are sewn together to create a single one-piece outfit. A further style is the Changpao, which is another one-piece outfit with a dress that is full length.

Silk robes

A simple and classic option is the traditional Chinese robe. This sleek-looking robe is made entirely in silk to give a very comfortable and light piece of clothing. The look and style of the robe can vary with short or long sleeves, multiple colors (shades of blue and red are most popular) and plenty are embroidered with a floral or similar motif.